Preparing For Massive Computer Removal

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Preparing For Massive Computer Removal

Preparing For Massive Computer Removal

8 September 2015
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Whether you're planning a full building replacement of every workstation or trying to upgrade a small business with a lot of systems, there's a few best practices to keep in mind when getting rid of the old systems. From identifying bad peripherals to garbage removal rules and restrictions, you may find that upgrading to new computers isn't as simple as throwing out the old and bringing in the new. Take the time to understand parts of the computer replacement process at large scale.

Restack Operations Require Disconnect And Connect Training

Among many Information Technology (IT) outsourcing firms, the act of removing old systems and putting new systems in place is called a restack. When a business performs a restack, they're basically keeping the desk and most peripherals such as the keyboard and mouse in place, but moving a new computer tower or laptop in place. 

This requires at least a basic knowledge of computer hardware and configuration. Although restack operations represent an entry level set of skills in the IT industry, efficient connection and removal is no task for a merely computer savvy user--bent pins, broken cases and torn cables can quickly become a costly consequence of not training a dedicated restack team.

Speaking of broken cases and torn cables, a restack team needs to be able to troubleshoot for bad hardware on the go. To get the job done quickly, a technician needs to know when to keep an old keyboard and when to toss it out, as well as a technique for notating which desk or office needs the new keyboard. 

To make removal efficient, make sure to have a quick access trash bin for electronics. Instead of walking all the way outside to throw away a bad keyboard or creating an unkempt pile of old parts inside the business area, technicians should have an organized disposal area that doesn't add excessive exhaustion to the day's work.

End Of The Line Computer Removal

It takes moving multiple computers around to really appreciate how heavy and cumbersome a computer can be. Whether your restack team is taking the stairs or the elevator, carrying an entire business of computers outside can be bad on the joints and may lead to safety issues as the day goes by.

The end of the line for throwing away computers can be a dangerous mixture of awkward placement and poor lifting form. Think about where the opening is for your garbage bin and consider how much lifting or high-reaching a person may need to do just to get the computer into a garbage container.

Lifting above waist height can lead to back, arm and shoulder injury. If the technicians are throwing the computers over their heads to get into the top of a trash can, there's always a chance that the computer could fall on someone's head.

Instead, make sure to have a rotation of roll off containers ready. These containers are often available for dump trucks on the way to another garbage collection or material movement job, but their features can be useful for your restack team. The back of a roll off container often includes a door that can be lowered open, allowing technicians to simply walk into the container. A simple placement of the computer can be safer and less physically taxing for technicians.

Contact a garbage collection professional to discuss your waste removal plans and to find out about other efficient ways to get rid of electronic waste.

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