Keeping Animals Out Of Your Trash, In The Kindest Of Ways

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Keeping Animals Out Of Your Trash, In The Kindest Of Ways

Keeping Animals Out Of Your Trash, In The Kindest Of Ways

10 February 2016
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If you are tired of waking up to your trash being strewn about the yard or street, you may need to get proactive about keeping animals out of your trash cans. Still, you want to be sure to use methods that don't cause a risk of harm to the animals, which may be your neighbors' or family's beloved pets.

Some things you can do to curb animals messing with your curbside trash are:

Keep a lid on it.

The easiest way to discourage animas from digging-around in your trash is to keep a lid on your receptacle. If the lid is missing, replace it; if the can gets too full to close tightly, invest in a larger trash can.

Think before you throw.

Think about what you throw away, as well as how you toss it out. For instance, double-bagging chicken bones or leftover table-scraps can reduce the smell and allure of your trash to animals. Be sure to only throw out trash that is bagged, rather than throwing debris and garbage directly in to the can, which is a big temptation for scavenging critters.

Give it a washing once in a while.

Trash cans get nasty over time, and this foul odor is likely more of a draw to a scavenger than the actual garbage. Give cans a good rinse with a high-pressure garden hose every few weeks, and add a small amount of bleach and rinse well when cans are exceptionally dirty or stinky.

Give 'em a spritz.

Give neighborhood varmints a bit of discouragement by spritzing your trash with something they won't like. Concoct a solution using one-quart of water, two tablespoons of dishwashing soap, and two tablespoons of cayenne pepper; spray this liberally over your trash, inside the bags and can. This will deter animals that come sniffing around your trash, but doesn't pose a risk of harm them.

Toss something to deter them.

If you live in the country, you might find that deer are a problem. Deter deer from getting in your trash by planting some herbs, such as catmint, chives, garlic, sage, and lavender near where you keep your cans. These are naturally deer-repelling plants that thrive with little care.   

Use these strategies to kindly discourage animals from messing with your trash cans, and making a mess that you subsequently get to pick up. Keep your cans off the curb until the night before pick-up to prevent any two-legged animals from getting in to the receptacles, too! For more information, contact companies like Fly By Nite Disposal. 

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