Keeping Your Trash From Being Strewn Around The Neighborhood

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Keeping Your Trash From Being Strewn Around The Neighborhood

Keeping Your Trash From Being Strewn Around The Neighborhood

27 February 2016
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If you put your trash cans at the end of your driveway every week to be picked up by a waste hauling service, you will want to take special precautions during warmer months so animals do not get to your trash first. When wildlife is nearby, garbage cans are at risk for being toppled over and refuse could get scattered around your neighborhood. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your trash stays inside the garbage cans so it can be hauled away without incident.

Mask Odor As You Collect Your Trash

When you open a new trash bag to fill, sprinkle some baking soda inside to help mask odors as soon as garbage is thrown inside. Neutralizing odor from the get-go will make your trash bags less enticing to wildlife when it is contained in garbage cans. It is a good idea to double-bag your trash to help keep odor at bay as well.

Keep Containers Contained To Avoid Break-Ins

When you start adding trash to your empty garbage cans, it will be time to get them to a safe area. Place your trash cans inside your garage or shed so they are not outside where wildlife can get to them. Make sure your garage or shed door is shut and secured, especially during dark hours, so critters don't venture inside to try to get a snack.

Secure Lids With Clasps And Weight

Purchase garbage cans with lids that lock into place with hinged clasps. These wrap around the handles of the cans, making them more difficult to get inside. Place a brick or cinder block on the top of each lid to help keep it in place. Smaller animals will not have the strength to jar these from the tops of the cans, helping to protect the contents as a result.

Make Animals Think Threats Are Nearby

When wildlife believes it is in the path of a predator, it will vacate the area completely. Trick animals into thinking people are near the trash cans by setting up motion detection lighting. When an animal gets too close to the trash, illumination will catch them off-guard, causing them to run from the area. Place a radio near your garbage cans on pickup day. Tune in to a talk radio channel so animals do not wish to get close enough to knock over cans. Smaller pests can be scared away from your trash cans by placing owl or hawk decoys in tree branches nearby. To learn more, speak with a business like USA Hauling Service.

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