Computer Removal Planning For Businesses

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Computer Removal Planning For Businesses

Computer Removal Planning For Businesses

18 May 2016
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If you need to move fifty or more computers and plan for upgrades, it's not as simple as carrying a bunch of boxes around. The systems need to be unplugged properly, and large number of computer units may lead to fatigue and accidents as the day progresses. A bit of computer removal and upgrading insight can help you make the process go much more smoothly than a random grab and move attempt, and could even deliver a bit of cash back.

What Could Go Wrong With Removing Computers?

Before getting to upgrades, think about the dangers that come with removing old computers. Even if you're not worried about damaging units destined for the dumpster, there's still a few issues that could involve your staff and other pieces of property.

Although computer towers, monitors and many other office-sized computer accessories aren't heavy on their own, you need to consider the distance traveled and the burdened from repetitive tasks. Those few pounds being supported by a pair of hands can be a real pain on the biceps after a while, and you'll never know when a desktop might drop onto someone's foot.

How many entrances, exits and general pathways do you have for removal? Without a plan, the process may be slowed down as workers have to stop and get out of the way of each other, or even collide against each other. If there's no elevator available or only a single elevator, the process could slow down even further with fatigue setting in as workers stand in place.

Start by establishing a proper removal method and path. Make sure that workers know how to remove each cable without damaging reusable peripherals, which means briefing your removal staff with the Information Technology (IT) department or making sure that your third party IT solutions team has enough time to get familiar with the area.

Design a proper walking path, such as making sure that everyone walks on their right side of the hallway. Such simple techniques may seem like common sense with a brief mention, but collisions and awkward waiting can happen fairly quickly.

Dumpster Placement And Recycling

Whether you're trying to avoid violating electronic waste (e-waste) laws in an increasing number of states or simply interested in recycling as a standard policy, there are a few things that could make the process easier.

First, make sure that you have a dumpster dedicated only to electronics. To make recycling easier for everyone involved, a single set of dumpsters dedicated to the removal process can ensure that your removal team won't accidentally throw the systems into standard trash. Because there's bound to be someone who either doesn't think about the process or simply doesn't care, a secondary dumpster may be necessary for standard trash.

Getting sanitized dumpster rentals is the best option because you can locate the dumpsters near the exit point of your building without having to deal with the smell of leftover garbage. Dumpsters with low openings or roll-off dumpsters with walk-in openings can decrease the strain and effort necessary to put the computers down. The alternative is a dumpster with openings at the top, which can be dangerous and lead to muscle strain or computers falling on a worker's head.

Recycling specific components requires a dedicated IT staff to take computers apart, but you can help by renting recycling bins for different materials such as copper, aluminum and rare earth magnets. Contact a dumpster rental professional to discuss dumpster rental and recycling arrangements.

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