How To Reduce Your Overall Food Wastes

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How To Reduce Your Overall Food Wastes

How To Reduce Your Overall Food Wastes

14 July 2016
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The average American throws away about 4.5 pounds of garbage every day. If you purchase large trash bags that can be filled with a little over 40 pounds of garbage, then you should only be placing one garbage bag by the road for collection each week. However, if you commonly throw out two or three bags full of waste, then you should start evaluating how much garbage you create. If you typically throw out a lot of food, then this type of waste is easy to reduce.

Donate To Charity

If you find yourself throwing out expired vegetables and fruits and leftovers that were never eaten, then you should consider donating uneaten food to charity before it goes bad. According to the Mayo Clinic, leftovers are good for a total of three or four days. Most fruits and vegetables are going to last five to seven days. Go through your refrigerator at least once a week. Identify the foods that you plan on eating within the next few days. Also, find the leftovers and fresh foods that will expire that day or the next that you do not intend on eating.

Once you have found the foods that are still good for a few days, but that you will not eat, gather them in a cooler. Locate a food recovery program in your area. Food recovery organizations take foods from businesses and individuals that is not going to be consumed. The food is then served to individuals in need. Similar food programs are available to feed animals, like local livestock, if you have vegetables and grains that you do not want. Your local food bank is a great place to donate unwanted and unspoiled food as well.

Start A Compost Bin

If you are not good about identifying foods that you will not eat before they go bad, then the food can still be utilized successfully. Creating a compost bin is one of the best uses for food that have recently gone bad. Once the food has degraded into a compost mixture, it can be spread around plants, bushes, and treats so the greenery can absorb the nutrients from the food.

An outdoor compost pile is the easiest to build, so place a layer of hay, straw, newspaper, or corn stalks on a clear part of your property. Add layers of vegetables, fruits, and other organic materials. Place thin layers of soil in between the organic wastes, and use a shovel or a pitchfork to mix or turn the compost about once a week. When the compost looks black and crumbly, then it will be ready to use as fertilizer. 

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