Ready To Gut An Old Toxic House? What To Know About Dumping

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Ready To Gut An Old Toxic House? What To Know About Dumping

Ready To Gut An Old Toxic House? What To Know About Dumping

20 January 2017
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When you buy a home that needs a lot of renovations and you aren't sure what type of toxins or materials you'll be pulling out of the property, you want to get a dumpster to contain all the debris. If you worry that the debris is going to be an issue in the neighborhood or that people will sift through your dumpster, there are some things you can do to prevent this. You will want to do the following things so you don't have problems getting rid of the junk.

Talk with the Neighbors

The neighbors do not want to look at a dumpster every day when they pull out of their driveway or look out a window, and you do not want them dumping things into your trailer. Walk around to the neighbors and introduce yourself, and let them know that the dumpster is going to be there while you do some renovations around the house. Warn them the dangers of what could go into the dumpster, and request that they do not throw additional items inside.

Post Warning Signs

If some kid jumps into the dumpster because they want to play, or someone looking for something valuable climbs inside, they can get hurt and you could have to pay. Make sure you post warning signs that say no trespassing and no dumping, so you do not end up with someone getting hurt and trying to sue you because they got hurt at your property. Instead, you can say they were warned not to trespass.

Cover Nightly

There are some roll bins that will come with a cover you can easily close at the end of the day and some you can even lock at night. If you worry about people getting inside, you should cover the dumpster nightly. Even getting a tarp with straps to hold it closed would work if there is not a lid on the dumpster.

You don't want to risk having your debris that is toxic float around the neighborhood or having people getting into the dumpster and trying to take out materials. Talk with a dumpster company near you, such as Duffield Hauling INC, to see what options you have at getting a dumpster that is the appropriate size for the materials you need to get rid of and to find a dumpster that you can put hazardous materials in from the home.

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