What Factors Affect Pricing For Junk Removal?

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What Factors Affect Pricing For Junk Removal?

What Factors Affect Pricing For Junk Removal?

17 March 2019
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The best way to get rid of trash is to call a home garbage removal company. As it is well equipped to handle any situation, the company can remove any type of rubbish. Depending on the amount of junk a customer has, the company's crew might need to use heavy equipment required to pull out the trash and a big flatbed trailer to get it off of the property.

What they are called upon to remove and dispose of affects pricing though. Junk removers have to discard the rubbish in the appropriate landfills or any government-regulated depositories and pay a disposal fee. To determine how much to charge their customers, therefore, trash removal companies consider the following factors.

  • Type of rubbish being removed

Most junk removers charge per cubic yard. It would generally cost less per cubic yard to haul away yard debris than to remove damaged and old items from the garage or garden shed. On the other hand, the cost of removing these personal possessions is usually lower than that of clearing a construction site. In fact, building and construction waste or other excessively heavy rubbish will be the most expensive to remove That's because their bulkiness increases the cost of loading, transportation and dumping.

  • Amount of work to be done

For the work of hauling trash, most companies charge by the cubic yard. However, if one wants the crew to remove all the clutter and clean an area before hauling away the gathered junk, the charge will be hourly. Besides the fixed cost of towing away the rubbish, the customer will pay an hourly fee for cleaning and clearing. The price per hour may vary widely based on the geographic location and the amount of additional labor that should be done.

  • How unsafe the rubbish is

Not every company will get rid of dangerous type of waste. So it is good to ask upfront about hazardous waste removal. Another problem is that most landfills reject this type of rubbish and the only solution is to take them to special facilities for proper handling. When discarding things like asbestos, fuel, oil-based paints or other unsafe chemicals, the cost of removal will typically be higher.

  • Obstacles

Obstacles like steep or narrow stairs can make the physical labor of removing junk more difficult. More time and effort are required and this will automatically increase the total cost.  For instance, if one wants to remove waste from the attic of their house and the removers have to climb up and down two or more flights of stairs to get it out, the price will increase to account for the extra time and labor.

  • Minimum load requirement

This is a factor that almost any organization will consider to stay in business. It entails setting minimum load requirement fees that could account for all overhead costs. These include employee salaries, vehicle maintenance, fuel, workers compensation insurance and the cost of buying and maintaining heavy equipment.  Additionally, the bigger the size of the trailer or truck needed for the task could also have an effect on this.


At the end of the day, everyone wants to save on their overall hauling fees. The secret is to arrange and gather junk in one place to reduce the amount of time and physical energy that workers would require. Finally, when the trash is too much it can be gathered and collected in bulk at once instead of multiple times.

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