Best Practices For Removing Construction Site Waste

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Best Practices For Removing Construction Site Waste

Best Practices For Removing Construction Site Waste

29 June 2019
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One of the most common uses for dumpster rentals is to clear out waste from a construction site. Dumpsters are extremely well suited to this task, whether you are cleaning up waste from a major construction project or just a minor remodeling job. Since most rental companies offer dumpsters in a wide variety of sizes, you can choose a dumpster that is perfectly sized to meet your particular clean-up needs. 

Of course, just renting the dumpster isn't enough. Avoiding costly additional fees means that you will want to make smart placement and packing decisions as well. These tips will help you to get the most out of your dumpster.

Choose an Efficient Location for the Dumpster

By far, the most important decision you will make once the dumpster arrives is where to place it on the work site. It is important to choose a location that is central enough to be convenient, but that will not get in the way of your work crews. It's also important to consider whether everything that will be placed into the dumpster will be brought by hand or whether forklifts or other vehicles will be used for deliveries. If both vehicles and workers will be delivering refuse to the dumpster, be sure it is accessible from multiple sides to avoid safety issues.

Break Down as Much as Possible

Demolition tends to generate a lot of very large debris. Large, irregularly shaped objects can be difficult to fit into dumpsters, and they can potentially create voids that are hard to fill later. If possible, break down materials into small chunks and place those chunks into the dumpster last. If there are items which cannot be broken down or which are extremely bulky, these should go into the dumpster first. Once these larger items are in place, you can begin to fill in the space around them with broken down pieces and smaller debris.

Attempt to Balance the Load

Unbalanced roll-off dumpsters can present a safety hazard as they are being loaded back onto the truck, so it's important to balance the dumpster as best as you can. Of course, no one expects a perfect 50:50 weight distribution. Instead, simply avoid packing a majority of heavy items on one side or the other. If you know that there will be a large amount of heavy debris later in the project, be sure that enough room is left to distribute it evenly. Where possible, counterbalance large, extremely heavy items with many lighter, smaller items on the opposite side.

Be Aware of Restrictions

Most dumpster rental companies have at least a handful of restrictions on what can and cannot be loaded into their dumpsters. Make sure that you and all of your workers are aware of these restrictions before loading begins. Often, ignoring these restrictions can mean paying hefty fees or even being forced to unload the dumpster. There are generally rentals available to fit every need, so learning about these restrictions up front should give you the opportunity to select a rental that will work for your particular job site.

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